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6oz 7oz PE coated paper cup fan 190gsm
  • 6oz 7oz PE coated paper cup fan 190gsm
  • 6oz 7oz PE coated paper cup fan 190gsm
  • 6oz 7oz PE coated paper cup fan 190gsm
Paper Cup Fan

6oz 7oz PE coated paper cup fan 190gsm

Paper board: 140gsm-320gsm
12g -18g PE coated
Paper Brands: Enso APP, Yibin, Five Star, Sun, Jianghe, Bohui…
Normal/Medium/High Bulk
Well-packed and on-time delivery
Good price, free samples (A4 size)
Match with machinery: NewTop, Mingguo, Mingyuan, Ruida, Qichen, Tiancheng, Dakiou, Discover, Lifeng, Bonjee

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Zhejiang Mingfei New Materials Co., Ltd. is China 6oz 7oz PE coated paper cup fan 190gsm Suppliers and 6oz 7oz PE coated paper cup fan 190gsm Company, It is a comprehensive company engaged in the production and sales of long-distance transmission heat network projects, reflective layer products used in the construction industry and food packaging paper, mainly engaged in the research and development of nano-materials, nano-airbag reflective layer, glass fiber composite insulation materials, aluminum silicate needle punch blanket, refractory materials, thermal insulation materials, laminated paper, etc. For a long time, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "sincerity-based, quality service, realistic and innovative", to be a faithful advisor to our customers, to create "customized" materials according to the needs of different customers, and to provide comprehensive thermal insulation and energy-saving solutions. Our products are widely used in thermal transportation, energy-saving construction, cold chain logistics, food packaging and other fields.
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Zhejiang Mingfei New Materials Co., Ltd, is a China factory of paper cup/bowl raw materials.
12 years of manufacturing and design experience
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PE coated paper cup fans, specifically in the 6oz and 7oz sizes with a weight of 190gsm (grams per square meter), are popular choices in the food and beverage industry for serving a variety of drinks, including hot and cold beverages. These cups are known for their durability, insulation properties, and suitability for different drink applications.
The 6oz and 7oz sizes are commonly used for single servings of coffee, tea, or other beverages. The 190gsm weight indicates the thickness and sturdiness of the paper, ensuring that the cups can effectively contain liquids without losing their structural integrity. 
1. Material Composition:
The cup fans are typically composed of two layers – a paper layer and a polyethylene (PE) layer. The paper is derived from wood pulp, often sourced from responsibly managed forests. This paper provides the main structure and strength of the cup.
The PE layer, applied to one or both sides of the paper, acts as a barrier against moisture and liquids. This is essential for preventing the cup from becoming soggy, especially when used for hot beverages like coffee and tea.
2. Manufacturing Process:
The manufacturing process involves coating the paper with a thin layer of polyethylene through extrusion coating. This coating is carefully controlled to balance protection against moisture and the flexibility of the paper.
The coated paper is then dried and cut into fan-shaped sheets. These sheets serve as the starting point for forming the cups.
3. Heat Resistance:
One of the significant advantages of PE coated paper cup fans is their ability to resist heat. The polyethylene layer acts as a heat barrier, ensuring that the cups remain comfortable to hold even when filled with hot beverages.
4. Printing and Customization:
The smooth surface provided by the PE coating allows for high-quality printing. Cup manufacturers can customize these cups with attractive designs, branding, and informative content, enhancing the overall visual appeal.
5. Versatility and Convenience:
The 6oz and 7oz sizes cater to a variety of beverage serving needs, making them versatile for both hot and cold drinks. Their disposable nature adds to the convenience factor for consumers on the go.