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Customize Logo Printed Paper Cup Fan
  • Customize Logo Printed Paper Cup Fan
  • Customize Logo Printed Paper Cup Fan
  • Customize Logo Printed Paper Cup Fan
Paper Cup Fan

Customize Logo Printed Paper Cup Fan

Paper Weight: 150~320gsm

PE Weight: 15~18 gsm

Printing Type: Flexo Printing

Printing Color: 6 colors are available

Printing Ink: food grade water-base ink, No smell

Size: 2oz~26oz, customized dimension

Port of Loading: Ningbo port, China

Delivery Time: 20~30 days

Payment Term: 30% deposit by T/T, 70% balance by T/T
Match with machinery: NewTop, Mingguo, Mingyuan, Ruida, Qichen, Tiancheng, Dakiou, Discover, Lifeng, Bonjee

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Paper Cup/Bowl Raw Material Fan


  • PE Coated on one side or two side, dumb film and bright film, PE Laminating Gram weight 13g-25g as per customer request
  • Original Pulp Wood Paper 140gsm to 320gsm (Normal bulk/Middle bulk/ High Bulk, Paper Brands: APP, Enso, SUN, Yinbin, Five Star, Jianghe, Bohui)
  • High shinny surface, good brightness, stiffness, printing effect


  • Match with your machinery produce speed from 60 pc/min to 200 pcs/min
  • Suitable for Max 6 colors designs flexo printing ink (Food grade and no any smell)
  • disposable food containers, hot&cold paper cup, coffee cup, paper soup bowl, paper lunch box, paper plate, ice cream cup, vending cups, disposable tableware, paper party sets


  • Provide heavy-duty paper cup fan for 2.5oz to 16oz
  • High-quality paperboard, no leakge on bottom or broken on cup top rim guarateed


  • ISO 9001, FSC, SGS, BRC, BSCI certificated
  • APP Paper Authorized Manufacturer
  • Better quality than ITC/TNPL/Century brand paper
  • Exported to Turkey, KSA, Egypt, India, UAE, Pakistan, Oman, Russia, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria,Romania,Croatia,Bahrain

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Zhejiang Mingfei New Materials Co., Ltd. is China Customize Logo Printed Paper Cup Fan Suppliers and Customize Logo Printed Paper Cup Fan Company, It is a comprehensive company engaged in the production and sales of long-distance transmission heat network projects, reflective layer products used in the construction industry and food packaging paper, mainly engaged in the research and development of nano-materials, nano-airbag reflective layer, glass fiber composite insulation materials, aluminum silicate needle punch blanket, refractory materials, thermal insulation materials, laminated paper, etc. For a long time, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "sincerity-based, quality service, realistic and innovative", to be a faithful advisor to our customers, to create "customized" materials according to the needs of different customers, and to provide comprehensive thermal insulation and energy-saving solutions. Our products are widely used in thermal transportation, energy-saving construction, cold chain logistics, food packaging and other fields.
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Product Knowledge

The Printed Paper Cup Fan holds significant importance in the realm of disposable food and beverage packaging, playing a pivotal role in the branding, marketing, and overall customer experience. This specialized fan, which is a key component in the manufacturing of paper cups, serves as a canvas for vibrant designs, logos, and promotional messages.
1. Brand Visibility and Recognition:
One of the primary roles of the Printed Paper Cup Fan is to serve as a platform for brand visibility. The ability to print company logos, distinctive designs, and brand colors on the fan ensures that every cup becomes a miniature billboard for the business. This visual impact contributes to brand recognition, making it easier for customers to identify and remember a particular brand.
2. Effective Marketing Tool:
Printed Paper Cup Fans are powerful marketing tools that enable businesses to communicate their message directly to the consumer. Whether it's a catchy tagline, a promotion, or a call-to-action, the surface of the fan provides valuable space for conveying marketing messages. This direct engagement with the consumer enhances the overall marketing strategy of a business.
3. Professional Image and Credibility:
The visual appeal of a well-designed Printed Paper Cup Fan contributes to the creation of a professional and credible image for the brand. Businesses that invest in high-quality, aesthetically pleasing designs convey a sense of professionalism, which can positively influence customer perception and loyalty.
4. Differentiation in a Competitive Market:
In a competitive market, standing out is crucial for success. The ability to customize Printed Paper Cup Fans allows businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors. Unique designs, creative graphics, and thoughtful branding set a brand apart and attract the attention of potential customers.
5. Enhanced Customer Experience:
The Printed Paper Cup Fan contributes to the overall customer experience. A visually appealing cup with an eye-catching design enhances the enjoyment of the beverage and makes the entire interaction with the product more positive. It adds a touch of personalization that resonates with consumers.
6. Versatility Across Industries:
The importance of Printed Paper Cup Fans extends beyond the traditional food and beverage industry. From coffee shops to ice cream parlors, catering services to corporate events, these fans are versatile and can be customized to suit the branding needs of various businesses.
7. Eco-Friendly Messaging:
With growing environmental awareness, Printed Paper Cup Fans provide an opportunity for businesses to communicate their commitment to sustainability. Printing eco-friendly messages or symbols on the fan helps convey the brand's dedication to environmental responsibility.